5 Reasons Why I Have the Best Job

This month is an important week for me. It’s the anniversary of my practice, Balance Chiropractic and Wellness. It’s been an incredible journey, and here’s to many more years! I’d like to take a moment and reflect on why I love my work….

5) Each practice member is unique – we are designed to be ever-changing and dynamic, and for that reason, each treatment is unique as well. I also address a practice member’s health from several different areas (physical, nutritional, emotional, and so forth) so each visit is always new and exciting!

4)  I feel blessed to be a part of each of my practice member’s journeys. They share with me their vision boards, their career goals, and their baby news. Wow.

3) I get to talk about my one of my favorite topics all day long – attaining HEALTH!

2) I have the privilege of assisting others with their intention to heal, and function at their optimal level. I am a facilitator for the momentum of healing and health. There is nothing more important than your health – if you don’t have that, what else matters?

1) I have a great team that works beside me each day. Mary Pat at the Front Desk holds down the fort and no detail slides by her! She’s an incredibly warm and caring woman. Joan in Insurance/Billing anticipates every need of the practice, before I even think of it! She is a creative, positive, “bigger-picture” thinker.

Thank you to all who have supported me along the way, and to each person I have the privilege of working with. 

In Health, Dr. Kristen

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Thoughts on a New Year…

As we ring in another New Year, I have a question for you – Who or what do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a confident, happy person who is capable of success?

I have been observing the fear that runs rampant during this time of year. We tend to put our focus on all of the things we “just have to get done” before Christmas, wanting to lose weight in the New Year, or any of the things that we don’t have, did not do or should have done this year.

Instead let’s shift that frame of thinking just a bit! “When fear disappears, abundance appears” – some great words of wisdom by Tony Robbins! Abundance is a great word, isn’t it? What does it bring to mind for you? More importantly, do you attract abundance?

If you don’t you may be wondering how to!  Well, I’d like to remind you that “thoughts are things” – meaning what we think about, we bring about. If we constantly put our mind’s focus on what we DON’T have, or DIDN’T do, that is what will continue to be our reality. When we have a slight shift of the mind towards positivity, abundance will result! Whatever you put your intention and focus onto is what you will attract to yourself. Think as if you already HAVE or ARE that thing you desire, and it will become your reality. As you celebrate the beginning of a new year, CHOOSE positivity, CHOOSE forward thinking, and you will see a shift of your energy to the vibration of abundance!

Is it normal ?

Instead of sharing health related information in this weeks blog, I’d like to open up with some details on what I actually do all day at work!  Simply put, I remove interference for others to allow the body to heal itself. For each unique patient’s presentation, this is different…. it may mean doing food sensitivity testing, a chiropractic adjustment, using the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, or Acupuncture care. But everything I do and am passionate about has the same goal in mind : remove the interference to allow our bodies to heal as they innately know how to do.

My techniques and methods are based upon the same basic principal. We as humans were designed to be healthy. We were not designed to be sick or have disease. If you do have malfunction, pain, symptom, or disease, you have had a long term interference in your body’s ability to self regulate and self heal. There is a big difference between a health condition being “common” (i.e. You know many people who have had this same or similar problem) versus it being acceptable and “normal.”
When we have a cut on our finger and it bleeds, we may put a band aid on it. I pose to you this question: is it the band aid that heals the cut ? No, our body heals the cut. The body is an amazing machine, that always knows just what to do.
Something I love about chiropractic is that we are taught not to view a person as a disease, an ICD9 code, or support their health condition defining them as a person. We treat and see our patients as a whole, unique person. There is no such thing as a curable disease…. but there are curable people.

Thank You Dad

We need our dadsA recent article in The Wall Street Journal illustrated the ways in which children benefit from a little roughhousing with dad. Sessions of wrestling, tickling, horseback rides and pillow fights could lead to a more balanced or adjusted adolescence and adulthood. The article cites recent research, showing dads have a distinct style of parenting that is particularly worthy of recognition: The way dads tend to interact with their children has long-term benefits, independent of those linked to good mothering.

In general, men tend to challenge whining and crying, encouraging children to express themselves vocally. Also, dads typically aren’t as upset by children’s temper tantrums or fits. Men are more likely to shock or startle their children, being animated or sneaking up on them to play energetically. Even the way a dad holds the baby tends to differ from mom, men often cradling infants under the arm in a “football hold,” explains Kyle Pruett, co-author of “Partnership Parenting” and a clinical professor of child psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine.

For the child, roughhousing is about more than just play. Researchers believe that the most important aspect of this play is that it gives children a sense of achievement when they ‘defeat’ a more powerful adult, building their self-confidence and concentration. However, fathers who resist their children can also teach them the life lesson that, in life, you don’t always win. The act of a stronger adult holding back that strength also helps to build trust between father and child. These kinds of lessons can be crucial in child development, as they begin to form an outlook of the world and learn the art of resilience.

While, in general, each parent usually spends a large amount of the time playing with the children, dads offer a more physical form of play that has been linked to benefits such as: improved cognitive skills, fewer behavioral problems among school-age children, less delinquency among teenage boys and fewer psychological problems in young women, based on an analysis of 16 long-term studies of father involvement, published in 2008 in the scholarly journal Acta Paediatrica. Rambunctious play is also said to spark peaks of emotion or excitement, believed to help kids develop self-regulatory skills.daddy and daugher

Although dads spend less time with the children on average, the time spent includes much more physical contact and play. As the child grows up, mom usually communicates more verbally and emotionally, while dad is encouraging and can offer fun distractions. Of course, families tend to function better when the mother and father are both present, working together to raise the child. Each parent has their own unique parenting style that is neither right or wrong, and hopefully the contrasting styles complement each other.

So, let’s be thankful for all the wonderful dads out there, who made us laugh until we cried and made us squeal with excitement. You make our lives happy and full. Hope that all had a Happy Father’s Day!

What’s your favorite memory of playing with dad?

Your Primary Choice

You may not have considered discussing your digestive issues or depression with your chiropractor, instead saving larger health concerns for your medical doctor. But, did you know that chiropractors are licensed Primary Care Physicians, who are trained very similarly (in some areas even more intensively) to medical doctors?chiropractors as PCPs

Chiropractors and medical doctors receive comparable schooling with regard to how the body works. However, their approach to healing is different. Doctors of Chiropractic are Primary Health Care Providers, which means they are practitioners of the healing arts who examine patients, analyze the results of tests, diagnose and treat the patient’s health condition, and advise the patient about methods of preventive health care.

A study found that patient diagnoses by chiropractors as PCPs were in agreement with conventional medical specialist 93.1% of the time. In other words, a properly credentialed chiropractor could diagnose conditions almost as well as medical doctors, including conditions that are outside the normal scope of the conventional chiropractic setting.

In fact, research has shown that patients are much better off having a chiropractor as their primary care doctor. A study of Managed Care (HMO) demonstrated that those who use chiropractors as Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) had improved patient outcomes, and achieved this at substantially lower costs.

Research, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), has found that a managed care network consisting of chiropractors as Primary Care Providers (PCPs) provided equivalent care, and saved substantial costs, compared to patient management utilizing medical doctors and osteopaths.

This study also found that there were significantly fewer hospital admissions among patients seeing a chiropractic PCP, fewer outpatient surgeries, and the cost associated with pharmaceutical usage among chiropractic PCP patients was approximately half of that seen in traditional HMO patients. Patients in the chiropractic network spent dramatically less days in the hospital in a one year period.

Outcome studies are showing that the conventional drug/surgical model of disease care as the primary or first method to be used has a lot of disadvantages. Cost is only one of them. The conclusion of this research was that “Reliance on the conventional medical model, in which pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions represent first-line treatment, may not provide the best therapeutic index to our patients.”

Chiropractors as primary care physicians assess health risks of patients who may present a multitude of ailments, some of which are dependant on proper medical care involving medications. Research also shows chiropractors are superior to medication to reduce the symptoms from headaches and migraines.

Wow! Having a chiropractor as your PCP can save you money and time by avoiding expensive, often unnecessary procedures and drugs, and keep you healthier and living well? Amazing! Chiropractors can also make all of the necessary referrals needed, just like your medical doctor. According to Matthew McCoy DC, MPH, editor the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, “more and more families are choosing chiropractic for a good portion of their healthcare needs because of its effectiveness and safety. People want to avoid costly and unnecessary drugs and aggressive interventions when they can, so they are seeking alternatives like chiropractic.”

As the cost of sufficient health care coverage rises, your options are not actually limited. Having a chiropractor as your PCP can keep you and your family living well for less.

Keep in mind: Some think that it is appropriate to ask a medical doctor if chiropractic can help, but medical doctors don’t have training in chiropractic and because we often shy away from what we don’t know much about, they may hesitate. Chiropractors have been trained as to what they can help and what they cannot help. So, ask a chiropractor if chiropractic can help you.

Did you know that Chiropractic Physicians also do physicals for work, school and sports?