About Dr. Kristen

I was  first introduced to chiropractic as a teenager after suffering injuries in a  car accident. I was astonished by my speedy recovery and the resolution of many  other health issues. My interest blossomed as I worked in a chiropractic office  doing marketing and assisting with rehab. It seemed only natural that I take  the next step and pursue a career in a field that fascinated me.

With a fulfilling undergraduate experience at Augustana Collage, I chose to stay in the Quad Cities and  attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. While  at Palmer, I received a comprehensive education in chiropractic manipulation,  diagnosis, exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation, soft tissue therapies, and  x-ray interpretation. I worked in the sports injury clinic, was involved in  many clubs and even traveled abroad to work in a clinic in India.
In addition to being a Chiropractor, I am  Board Certified and Licensed in Acupuncture, and have certifications in  Cosmetic Acupuncture (both Facial Rejuvenation and The Mei Zen Cosmetic System).                 Outside of the office, I enjoy  spending time with my family and friends, yoga, running, and being outdoors. I am  a dedicated member of the community, a member of the Villa Park Junior Woman’s  Club, Villa Park and Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce.

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