Size Up Your Servings

We know we’re supposed to control our portion sizes, but what about when we don’t have a measuring cup or when we’re not cooking for ourselves?  How do we know how much we’re supposed to eat? It’s easy to over eat, especially when we’re eating out at restaurants.

Portion sizes are getting larger and we certainly can’t leave it up to the restaurant chef to serve up the proper amount of food we should be eating.  One way to take control of the portions you eat is to split a meal with someone, or ask for half of your meal wrapped up to-go before the plate even comes out.

To help control portion size when eating at home, don’t bring the serving dishes to the table. Instead, make a balanced plate with proper portions and bring it to the table. Try switching plates- use your larger dinner plate for salad and veggies and use your salad plate for cooked starches and proteins.portion control

If you’re snacking in front of the T.V. use a bowl to measure out a serving instead of bring the box or bag to the couch. It’s easy to over eat when you’re not focused on what you’re putting in your mouth.

Here is an easy cheat sheet to measure your portions on-the-go:

3 oz. meat = deck of playing cards

½ c. ice cream = tennis ball

1 teaspoon butter, oil or salad dressing = tip of your thumb

1 oz. of nuts or candies = small handful

1 c. mashed potatoes or broccoli = size of your fist

1 serving of cheese = 2 fingers

1 serving of fruit or vegetables = closed fist

1 serving of cereal or grain = cupped hand


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