Top Ten Reasons NOT to See a Chiropractor

10. You’ve become quite attached to your stiff neck and shoulder pain. Parting with it now would be upsetting.

9. Tylenol keeps you feeling good and your liver might be bleeding but it doesn’t hurt.

8. By the time your spine breaks down and wears out you’ ll be able to get a replacement.

7. You love taking risks. The side effects from your medications, like seizures, suicidal thoughts and death, keep life interesting.

6. Why drive to see a chiropractor three times a week when you can make a trip to the pharmacy once a month? Gas prices are outrageous these days.
top 10 reasons not to go to a chiropractor

5. A few headaches a week actually help distract you from the stress of work.

4. Your cousins, best friend’s sister tried chiropractic once and didn’t get any better.

3. The tingling in your fingers feels kind of neat and if they go numb you won’t need gloves next winter.

2. You’re worried the chiropractor might take the wallet from your back pocket while you’re lying on the table.

And the number one reason NOT to see a Chiropractor…

1. You’re the only living human without a spine.

Have a great week! If you are truly skeptical about chiropractic please talk to us.


One response

  1. The biggest raseon I hear for not getting kids adjusted is the parents don’t think their kids need it. After all, they aren’t in pain. But pain is a horrible symptom to rely on as an indicator to how your child doing. Take the extreme example of cancer (in adults) most of the time pain is the last thing to show up.

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